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The Prime Catalogue Online of NaRaYa Bags & NaRaYa Products in Bangkok Thailand at Affordable Wholesale Price

            Welcome to NaRaYa Shopping Online 

          We are the leading online store bringing customer worldwide the exclusive catalogue of NaRaYa bags and NaRaYa products in Bangkok, Thailand. With the team of professional selectors, we strive to provide the superior quality NaRaYa products in a variety range of styles including shoulder bags, handbags, pouches, purses, bag accessories, home decorations and children gifts for every occasion at both affordable retail and wholesale price. 

          NaRaYa brand is one of the prominent bag manufacturers and suppliers in Thailand. Premium quality fabrics, delicate craftsmanship, a variety of styles and colors, functional and long-lasting products are all signature features of the NaRaYa bags, which continues to be popular with people of all ages. 

          At NaRaYa Bangkok, we apply our skills in sourcing the NaRaYa catalogue of beautiful, hand-crafted and premium quality bags straight from original NaRaYa stores based in Thailand. It's our passion for NaRaYa products and the desire to delight customers around the world with the extensive selection of NaRaYa bags and products with the cheaper retail and wholesale prices than others. With quick access to a variety of NaRaYa products, our online store offers customers multiple lowest price ranges to meet their requirements and delivers to their doorstep within the stipulated time frame. 

          NaRaYa Bangkok guarantees the 100% authentic and characteristic NaRaYa products with more than 100 items available to suit all your needs. Last but not least, our values are perpetuated in our prime online store, where NaRaYa fans and lovers worldwide will be able to select NaRaYa bags and products directly from the comfort of their home. 

          Discover the unique and stunning NaRaYa collections that are beloved by everyone at our store today!

New Products

USD 10.00

Color  =  F0002-1


USD 10.00


USD 6.00


USD 6.00


USD 6.00


USD 6.00


USD 26.00


USD 26.00


USD 7.00

Special Products

USD 9.00


Color = CP56

Blue elephant design with 
white cotton background 


USD 22.00 


USD 18.00 


USD 3.00 


USD 16.00 


USD 23.00 


USD 17.00 


USD 30.00 


USD 13.00 


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Sincere communication, service foremost! After purchase if quality problems are found, do not directly bad review, please timely feedback within 7 days and we contact the after-sale customer service, customer service will promptly consult with you!
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Providing full after sales service shop, online customer service hours from Monday to Saturday at 9 in the morning to 10 at night. Aftermarket online times are Monday to Sunday between 8:30 A.M..
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