About Us

NaRaYa Bangkok is the prime source for the premium selection of NaRaYa brand products from Bangkok, Thailand. Renowned as one of Thailand’s leading bag manufacturers and sellers, NaRaYa bag is popular worldwide by its superior quality fabrics with the beautiful and functional design. With the signature fabric ribbons, NaRaYa bags have become internationally recognizable. They are called ‘Ribbon Bags’ in Japan and ‘Mangu Bao’ or ‘Bangkok Bao’ in China and Singapore.

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, NaRaYa Bangkok strives to provide customers worldwide the 100% authentic NaRaYa bags and NaRaYa products at affordable retail and wholesale prices. With a quick access to a variety of NaRaYa products, our online store offers customers multiple lowest price ranges to meet their requirements with free shipping worldwide. No need to travel to Thailand for NaRaYa, we bring NaRaYa to your doorstep...just few clicks away!

NaRaYa Bangkok … The Ultimate NaRaYa Collection At Best Price.