Feature of NaRaYa


VARIETY Constantly changing collections driven by a keen sense of style and a research team always     looking for innovative colors and textures.
QUALITY Each piece has loving care put into every stitch and curve. The craftsmanship put into our products can be seen at first glance.
PRICING Our design does not stop at fashion and beauty: each of our products is engineered to offer the greatest value at the best price.
FUNCTIONALITY Our products are meant to fit into people’s daily lives, to be used for all occasions.




4 quick ways of recognizing a real NaRaYa:

  1. Uncompromising Quality
  2. Sewn label inside or out
  3. Superior lining materials and perfect stitching
  4. The golden NaRaYa zipper

NaRaYa products can initially be differentiated by the NaRaYa name on many of our product’s details. Take a look at our zippers, for instance, where we often imprint our name.

Our bags are quite distinctive. The colors and patterns of NaRaYa bags are unique and characteristic of our quality and style standards. On all our bags stitching is arrow straight and we use fine materials. Sometimes our brand name can be found crisscrossing the interior lining.

One other thing to look for as well is our famous “bow” or “ribbon”. In fact, in Japan our bags known as “Ribbon Bags” because of the signature ribbon which used to accompany each of our bags, and still adorn many today.

NaRaYa products offer unbeatable value for money. We don’t take this for granted; we always pay close attention to details at every step.


Real NaRaYa Label trademark and Butterfly pattern more Meticulous, beautiful and clear! All the NaRaYa Label is Rectangular size. Real NaRaYa Label will state down Made in Thailand or Multi-lines and washing pattern.

Fake NaRaYa Label trade mark Font sizes not tally, Butterfly pattern very simple and not easily to distinguish. Sometime NaRaYa Label is Square or Rectangular size. Internet selling price for fake NaRaYa also not cheap, you can’t to follow the selling price to differentiate that is fake or real NaRaYa bags. Carefully chosen to avoid buying fake cause pecuniary loss.