1. Most of the NaRaYa bags packages which have a waterproof plastic layer, sometimes the bag open will smell the plastic taste, as long as the bag stays open for two days, the taste will be slowly dissipated.
  2. NaRaYa bags cleaning method
    • For cotton fabrics material, the bag soaked in detergent water for a while.
    • For silk fabrics material, the bag soaked in special silk detergent water, dirty place with a soft brush, and then wash in clean water.
    • For plastic waterproof layer, a bit hard, not easy to wring out, with a dry towel repeatedly absorbent, and then hung in ventilated place to dry.
  3. NaRaYa bags folded mark

    Due to the new NaRaYa bags in long period folding condition, some position will appear heavy folded mark, hold up the bag and use iron slowly screed the folded mark. Please pay attention when ironing, use low temperature because of the bag plastic later, the temperature must not be high, or the plastic surface will scorch and take a cloth to cover bag surface and across the cloth to ironing the bag.